Understnding the Job market
  • Understanding the current job market. Identifying the challenges and barriers.
  • Warm up excercise
  • Warm-up excercise answers
  • Job search search strategies.
  • Having a Healthy Competitvie Spirit
  • How employers evaluate applicants.
  • Section 1 Quiz Understanding the current Job market
Applying for the Gig
  • The Application Process
  • Creating an employment package
  • Following up after applying for the Job
  • Applying for the job
Getting the Job you applied for
  • Internalize your resume
  • The power of presence
  • The Job Interview reminders
  • Interview questions
  • Questions to ask employers
  • Making an impact
  • Getting the Job you applied for.
How to maintain employment
  • Employment Success Standards
  • Qualities of a Successfull Employee
  • Workplace Ethics
  • Workplace Ethics & Behavior
  • Maintaining Employment