• Project Video File DOWNLOAD [please don't skip]
  • How to Import Premiere Pro Sequence into DaVinci Resolve
  • Databases, Import Media, Timelines, Cut and Edit Page
Using Color Page
  • Color Page Setup and Overview
  • Optimized Media
Color Space Transformation
  • Log to Rec.709 Color Transformation
  • Advanced Color Management and Workflow
Using Nodes
  • How to add Nodes, Types of Nodes
  • Advanced Node structures
Color Correction
  • How to Color Correct, Image Balance
  • Saturation vs Color Boost Explained
Color Grading Look
  • How to Create Look
  • How to "Steal" Look
  • How to use LUTs
Matching Clips
  • Frame Matching, How to use Groups
  • How to use Stills and Power Bins
Secondary Corrections
  • Secondary Corrections, Fixing Skin, black and white
DaVinci Resolve Effects
  • How to add effects
  • How to export from DaVinci Resolve