1) Start Here
  • Welcome to the 4-Day Work Week Apprentice
  • Extra Support - FB Group+ Q&A Calls
  • Understand The 4-Day Work Week Journey so You Can Move as Quickly as Possible
  • Create Big Results with Your Implementation Workbook
  • Define Your Program Goals for the Next 30-90 Days
Multiply Awesome Relationships
  • 3 Types of Relationships & How They Feel
  • Score Your Relationships
  • Create More Time for Your Best Relationships + Reduce or Eliminate Others
Create More Free Time
  • Examine Your Current Time Investments
  • Do More Things You Enjoy and Less Things You Dislike
  • Constantly Improve Your Default Weekly Schedule
Free Up Money to Play With
  • Are You Investing, Trading or Spending?
  • Your 12-Step Money Optimization Plan
Use Things Without Being Used
  • Score Your Things & the Value They Bring to Your Life
  • Optimize Your Things
Relationship Mastery Milestones
  • 10 Relationship Mastery Milestones to Help You Enjoy People & Life More
Time Mastery Milestones
  • 10 Time Mastery Milestones to Help You Create More Free Time
Money Mastery Milestones
  • 10 Money Mastery Milestones to Maximize Your Cash Flow & Net Worth
Mastery Milestones for Your Things
  • 10 Mastery Milestones for Your Things So You Enjoy Them More, But Spend Less
Accelerator Strategy & Tool
  • Your Monthly 4-Day Work Week Calendar
Case Study Examples
  • Case Study 1 - The Teacher and the Executive
  • Case Study 2 - The 20-Hour Pair of Jeans
Program Results & What's Next
  • Your Program Results & How to Take the Next Step in the Journey
More Courses by Wade
  • More Courses by Wade