• Introduction
World View of the U.S and China
  • China's World View
  • What is the overriding principle in China's foreign policy?
  • The U.S' World View
  • What characteristic does the U.S hope to see present in all countries?
History of Relations
  • Relations Between 1949 and 1972
  • Which event did NOT contribute to the normalisation of U.S-China relations?
  • Relations Between 1972 and 2008
  • Which event did NOT deteriorate U.S-China relations during this period?
  • China's Growing Confidence
Political Issues in Relations
  • Human Rights
  • Why did the U.S initially not pressure China over their human rights issues?
  • Taiwan
  • Why does the U.S not completely sever ties with Taiwan?
Security Issues in Relations
  • Japan and the Quad
  • Why does the U.S have so many troops stationed in the Indo-Pacific?
  • The Koreas
  • Which of the following is NOT a reason why China continues to prop up North Kore
  • Southeast Asia
  • Why is China particularly upset at the U.S for fostering ties with Vietnam?
Economic Issues in Relations
  • Trade War
  • Why was the trade war started?
  • Competition for Economic Influence
  • Why is the U.S concerned about China's Belt and Road Initiative?
  • Conclusion & Closing Thoughts