• Whats Inside This Course
  • What You Should Know, Before Taking This Course
  • How to Take This Course
  • Softwares To Be Installed
  • Course Material - All Source Code
Why AngularJS
  • "THE PROBLEM"... and How AngularJS Solves "THE PROBLEM"
AngularJS Core Concepts: Get Your ToolBox Filled with Tools
  • JavaScript Specials: Modules Can Help You Remain Organized
  • Angular Modules: One Stop Shop for All the Components
  • JavaScript Specials: IIFE
  • Moving our First Module to IIFE
  • HTML Specials: Now you can decorate me with Custom Attributes
  • Connecting Module and HTML: I am Peter Parker, I wanna be a Spiderman
  • JavaScript Specials: Problems with addition of two numbers in JavaScript
  • Design Pattern Specials: MVC can make your weekend more enjoyable
  • Directives: I am HTML, I am good at Presentations
  • Controllers: I am JavaScript, I can Handle the Business Logic
  • Models: Not so Old, We are POJO
  • Pattern Specials: Dependency Injection can help reduce your emotional attachment
  • My Name is $scope and I have been Gifted to Controller by the Secret Santa
  • JavaScript Specials: Data Binding in Classical Template Systems
  • Angular Data Binding: Continous Updates, Model is a Single Source of Truth
  • Pattern Specials: SRP to handle one task at one place
  • Services: What can I do for you Sir!
  • Filters: Please give me data and not the WATER
  • AngularJS Core Concepts
Directives & Filters for Presentation
  • Programming Specials: Imperative vs. Declarative
  • Binding Directives: One Way Binding Directives
  • AngularJS Specials: Multiple ways of applying Directives
  • Binding Directives: Two Way Binding Directives
  • Template Directives: Give me Collection, I will give you Table
  • Template Directives: Views Abstraction using ng-include Directive
  • Template Directives: Switching Elements using ng-switch Directive
  • Template Directives: Hiding Unprocessed Inline Template Binding Expressions
  • Element Directives: Showing, Hiding and Conditionally Removing Elements
  • Element Directives: Manage State & Enhance Elements
  • Style Directives: Manage Classes & CSS
  • Events Directives: Manage User Interaction
  • Formatting Filters
  • Array Transforming Filters
Scope for Data and Controllers for Business Logic
  • AngularJS Specials: Bootstrapping of AngularJS Applications
  • Organizing Controllers: One for Small and Many for Big Applications
  • Scope Communication: Pub-Sub Model Using $rootScope
  • Controller Inheritance - How Properties Work
  • Controller Inheritance - How Methods Work
  • Explicitly Updating Scope: Using $apply & $watch
AngularJS Services & Custom Services to Encapsulate Responsibilities
  • AJAX Specials: Server Side Interaction Using Pure JavaScript
  • Meet $http Service
  • MongoLab Specials: Creating a Database and Tables
  • CRUD Using $http and MongoLab - Part 1
  • CRUD Using $http and MongoLab - Part 2
  • Design Pattern Specials: The Singleton Design Pattern
  • Custom Services to Encapsulate Responsibilities
  • $q Service: Promises Are Made to be Kept
Single Page Applications
  • Single Page Applications, What are They and Why We Need Them
  • SPA Specials: Story of HASH & Your Own Mini-SPA
  • $location Service: Knows Everything About Browser URL
  • Planning The Shell and Partials of The Application
  • $routeProvider Service: Configuring The Routes and Controllers
  • $routeParams Service: Getting Passed Information From URL
Presentation using Custom Directives & Custom Filters
  • Domain Specific Language: Your Own Custom Elements
  • Component Directive
  • Component Directive: Dynamic Binding Using Parent Scope
  • Component Directive: Directives Can Have Other Directives As Well
  • Component Directive: Taking Template Out of Directive Definition
  • Component Directive: Handling User Interaction in Directives Controller
  • The Misunderstood Concept of Directives Scope Made Understood
  • OOB Directive: Use "=" Symbol to Pass Objects
  • OOB Directive: Use "@" Symbol to Pass String Values
  • OOB Directive: Use "&" Symbol to Call the Function on Parent Scope
  • Custom Filter - Because We Need Our Own Data Transformation
Presentation using Custom Directives - 102
  • Link Function - Handle DOM Access, Manipulation & Events
  • Bootstrapping Services: $parse, $interpolate & $compile
  • Compile Function - Auto Compile Using Compile Function
  • Transclusion - Injecting HTML Parts as a Reference
Hands On - Lets Make an App Using Modularized Approach
  • The Requirement
  • Analysis & Design
  • Folder Structure
  • Application Layout - 101
  • Application Layout - 102
  • First Directive of Application
  • First Service of Application
  • Render Data Using First Service
  • Render Data Using Second Service
  • Render Data Using Third Service
  • The Chart Directive
  • Code Refactoring