Course Introduction
  • Course Introduction
Understanding Why Rejection Hurts so Badly and How to Simply Feel Better
  • Rejection Hurts More Than it Should
Six Toxic Behaviors That Stop the Law of Attraction From Working for You
  • Six Toxic Behaviors to be Aware of and Avoid
Healing the Pain of Rejection With a Simple Approach
  • Loving Kindness Meditation to Open the Heart Without Social Anxiety
  • Five Things I Love About Myself and Affirmations
Easy Communication Styles that Fit Your Values
  • Communication styles to win people over
Opening Your Heart and Mind to Attract Positive Relationships
  • Cultivating an Attitude That Will Win People Over
  • How Humility Can Boost Your Confidence in Any Situation
  • "To be at Peace When All Around Me is Seeming Trouble" Humility Quote
True Stories of Real Life Traumas and the Lessons Learned
  • Four Year Old Being Teased
  • A Middle School Bully's Tragic Story
  • Workplace Rejection, Hurt Feelings When it's All Your Fault
  • A Painful Divorce and the Life Changing Lessons Learned