Hydrologic Modelling workflow
  • Introduction
What is my drainage area?
  • Drainage Area Mapping
  • Drainage Areas in ArcMap
  • Drainage Areas in QGIS
  • Getting Lidar in New York State
  • Lidar Contours in ArcMap
  • Lidar Contours in QGIS
How much water flows off the land?
  • Curve Numbers (CN values)
  • Soil Data Viewer
  • Curve Number Mapping in ArcMap
  • Curve Number Mapping in QGIS
How long does the water take to get to here?
  • Time of Concentration (Rural)
  • Rural Tc in ArcMap
  • Rural TC in QGIS
  • Time of Concentration (Urban)
  • EFH2
  • HydroCAD
  • HydroCAD using the Rational Method
Example Problems
  • Rural Hydrology for a laneway culvert (With ArcGIS)
  • Urban Hydrology (With QGIS)