Understand What This Course Is About
  • Welcome To This Course
  • About Your Instructors
  • Course Design & Resources
  • How To Get The Most Out Of This Course
Define Your Goal for the Course
  • Action: Identify The Problems You Need To Solve
  • Action: Prioritize Your Goals
  • Action: Set a Timeframe
  • Action: Turn Problems Into Solutions
  • Action: Create a Personal Goal For This Course
Filling Out Your Decision Matrix
  • Action: Create a List of Tools
  • Action: Eliminate Tools That Don't Have The Features You Need
  • Action: Eliminate Tools Outside Your Budget
  • Action: Write Down The Level of Support Each Tool Has
Test Drive Potential Tools
  • Action: Sign Up For Free Trials
  • How to Complete a 15 Minute Test Drive - Part I
  • How to Complete a 15 Minute Test Drive - Part II
  • Action: Compile Your Results
  • Action: Eliminate Options
Evaluating Tools with a Test Project
  • Action: Define Your Test Project
  • Action: Complete Your Test Project
  • Action: Compile Your Results
Purchase Your Tool
  • Action: Make a Final Decision About The Tool You Want To Commit Too
  • Action: Decide Between Monthly & Yearly Plan
  • Action: Understand The Tool's Refund Policy
  • Action: Become Aware of Any Last Minute Hesitations
  • Action: Pay The Man!
Get Your New Tool Up & Running
  • Introduction to Mini Goals
  • Action: Create Your Mini Goals
  • Action: Create a Schedule for Completion
  • How to Successfully Complete Your Plan
Review What You Did
  • Course Review
  • Using This Process For Evaluating Future Tools
Roadblocks and How to Overcome Them
  • How to Overcome Overwhelm
  • What to do When You Can't Focus
  • How to Stay Motivated
  • It's Not Me, It's You
  • My Favorite Software (With Extended Trials)
  • Free Book: A Manual For Manifesting Your Dream Life
  • Need Help With Your Online Business?