Keep it in Context!
  • Intro..YOU got what it takes!
  • Need A Bible?
  • Old Testament Hebrew
  • Example verse : Old Testament
  • New Testament Greek
  • Example Verse: New Testament
  • God's Message to Humanity
  • It's all about true context.
Book Forwards
  • Effective use of the 'Forward' (if your Bible has them) before a Bible book. to use them.
  • How to approach footnotes.
  • Footnote Example
Free open source tools for you to use.
  • Easy tool to use:
The Technique!!
  • Intro: Morning - noon - night, the 3 step technique.
  • 2 Chapters in the morning...take my Bible for example.
  • Apply the effective technique to mid-day and evening scripture learning.
  • The 3 step technique
  • Summarization, final thoughts, and THANK YOU!
White Monkey, a Free-Burma Ranger, in Iraq
  • Intro to video
  • Not Alone