Welcome to Bitcoin (Core Lecture Path)
  • Course Introduction
  • What is the Bitcoin?
  • How to Acquire Bitcoins and Spend Them
  • The Bitcoin Economy
  • Bitcoin Mining
  • Bitcoin Speculation
  • The Future of the Bitcoin
  • How to Contact Me
Bonus Lectures
  • Cryptography and You
  • Cold Storage and You
  • Bitcoin IRC and You
  • Paper Wallets and You
  • Transaction Fees and You
  • Vanity Addresses: Theory
  • Vanity Addresses: Application
  • GLIPH: Encrypted Instant Messaging and Bitcoin Payments
A Primer on Bitmessage by Derek Shaw
  • Derek Shaw Presents Bitmessage (Lecture 1)
  • Derek Shaw Presents Bitmessage (Lecture 2)
The History of Bitcoin
  • Brian Goss: A Brief Look at the Digitalization of Money 1985-1999
  • Brian Goss: A Brief Look at the Digitization of Money: 1985-199, Part 2
Jon Matonis on Bitcoin
  • Consult Hyperion's Interview on Bitcoin
  • Jon Mantonis on Bitcoin and Crypto-Currencies
  • The Great Gold Vs Bitcoin Debate: Casey Vs Matonis
  • Bitcoin Cryptocurrency: Is "Digital Gold" The Future of Money