General Practices and Procedures
  • Must Haves
  • How to prepare for success
  • Introduction to Zoho
  • Introduction to Zoho Apps
Introduction to Rentals
  • Introduction to YouGotListings
  • Searching for rentals
  • Adding a Lead
Apartment Advertising
  • Introduction to Postlets
  • IMPORTANT! What to expect with Postlets?
  • IMPORTANT! What to expect with APARTMENTS.COM
  • IMPORTANT! Do’s and Dont’s!
Let’s close a deal!
  • How to close a deal
  • Metrics
  • Apple vs BestBuy Approach
  • Qualify your first lead
  • When the Best Buy Approach is useful
  • Sample email script
  • The Showing
  • We have a deal!!!
  • Rental Applications
  • How to start Negotiations with the Landlord
  • The Lease
Rental Agent Resources
  • Rental Applications explained