• Course Introduction and Project overview
Feature 1 - Display the list of Expenses
  • Setup the project and database
  • Create model class and setup the database table
  • Create rest endpoint to retrieve the list of expenses
  • Create angular 9 project using Angular CLI
  • Create angular model, service and component using Angular CLi
  • Display the list of expenses
Feature 2 - Save expense details
  • Create rest endpoint to save expense details
  • Add routing to angular application
  • Create angular service method to make HTTP POST request
  • Create angular form and save the expense details
Feature 3 - Update the expense details
  • Create rest endpoint to get single expense object
  • Update the expense record from angular application
Feature 4 - Delete an expense
  • Create a rest endpoint to delete an expense
  • Delete an expense from angular application
Feature 5 - Searching
  • Filter expenses based on expense name