• Course Introduction
Setting up the Maven Project and Configuration
  • Creating a maven project and Setup the database
  • Writing the property file
  • Spring Hibernate Configuration - Part 1
  • Spring Hibernate Configuration - Part 2
Creating a Model, DAO, Service, Controller classes and Test the application
  • Creating a Model class
  • Creating DAO and DAO implementaion
  • Creating Service and Service implementation
  • Creating a Controller and test the API
Performing CRUD Operations
  • Create/Save a book
  • Getting a single record
  • Updating the record
  • Deleting a record from database
Setting up the Angular Project and Creating Component, Model, Service classes
  • Creating an Angular Project
  • Creating a Component and Model class
  • Creating a Service class and Calling http get()
  • Calling the service method and log the records in console
Making a HTTP calls to perform CRUD operations
  • Displaying the records in a html table
  • Calling the http post()
  • Creating a form and adding a new book
  • Deleting a book by calling http delete()
  • Calling a http get() to get the single record
  • Updating a record with http put()
  • Adding bootstrap and wrap up the course
Fixing/Resolving Issues
  • Solved: Table is not creating in Database