Course Introduction
  • Welcome to the Course
  • The Tab Interaction
  • The Image Files
  • Creating a New Project
Visually Designing Our Interaction
  • Creating the Background
  • Fluid Boxes
  • Title Text
  • Course Logo
  • Fixing Some Issues
  • Creating the Tabs
  • Tab States
  • Main Text Area
Adding Functionality to the Tabs
  • Creating Tab States
  • Naming Your Objects
  • Creating Tab Actions
Preventing the User From Advancing Without Completing Content
  • Hiding the Playbar
  • Creating the Next Button
  • On Enter Actions
  • Creating Tab Variables
Creating Advanced Actions in Captivate
  • Creating Our First Advanced Actions
  • Reusing Advanced Actions
  • Adding Conditionals to Advanced Actions
  • Revisiting What We Have Learned
  • Conclusion
  • Finished Template