Introduction to Clearplan for Admins
  • Introduction to Clearplan
  • What you will learn in Clearplan University
  • How to Log-In to Clearplan
  • How to get support on Clearplan
General Overview of Clearplan
  • Overview of the Clearplan Interface
  • Jobs Page Overview
  • Understanding Clearplan's Icons
  • How to Read Your Map
  • How to Use Clearplan's Map Filters
Managing Your Team
  • Adding New Team Members
  • Save Time With Order Entry
  • Realtime Agent Location in Clearplan
  • Icon Lockout
Understanding Zones in Clearplan
  • Clearplan Zone Basics
  • How to Draw Zones
  • Understanding the Zone Detail Page
  • Using Zone Details for Managing Clients
Rejecting and Accepting Accounts
  • Accepting or Rejecting LRP Scans
  • Validating RDN Addresses
  • Accepting Historical Camera Scans
Understanding the Client Section in Clearplan
  • Clearplan Client Section Overview
  • Clearplan Client Details Overview
Thanks for Taking the Course
  • Thanks for Taking Clearplan University
Test Questions
  • Clearplan University Admin Test