• Intruduction to CPA Marketing: Affiliate Marketing
Why People Fail/ Business is Business
  • Why People Fail
  • Business is Business
Finding CPA Networks
  • How to Find CPA Networks
  • Niche Related CPA Offers
  • Creating CPA Accounts
Choosing a Proper Domain Name
  • Choosing a Proper Domain Name
Marketers Secret Hosting ( I spill the beans here)
  • Hosting for Marketers
The Techy Stuff
  • Forwarding Name Servers
  • Adding Domains to Cpanel
Installing Wordpress
  • Installing Wordpress
  • Installing Themes
  • Customizing Wordpress
Paying Attention to the Laws By Being Compliant
  • Being in Compliance With the Laws
Installing Crucial Plugins
  • Installing the Crucial Plugins
  • Landing Page Plugin for Free
Creating Lead Capture Pages
  • Creating Lead Capture Pages
  • Completed Lead Capture Page Discussed
Finding Buyers
  • Finding Buyer Geograghics
  • Turning on the Traffic
Indepth Detail of Niches
  • Niches Explained
  • Niches Explained 2
Keyword Kinetics
  • Keyword Kinetics
  • Compiling the Keyword list