Get Started Do not waste time
  • Create Bot and Connect to Facebook Page
  • Welcome Message and Default Message
  • Gallery For E commerce Store
  • Buttons for Navigation
  • Deep Learning Building Blocks
  • Main Menu Set up in Quick Replies in Every Block
  • Set up Simple AI Artificial Intelligence Queries
  • Subscribing Send News or Products After 1 Day 2 Days
  • Simple Broadcast Message to Your all FB Page Followers
Bonus Get it Before it Ends
  • Quick Update for Loyal Students
  • Bonus Text
Bot for EComeWeb | Music Store |Buy Now
  • Business Bot Next Level
  • From Welcome Message to Main Menu
  • Main Menu to Influencers Block
  • Main Menu to Music Block
  • Music Gallery to Playlist
  • PlayList to Playing Song Bot
  • Add Songs in Facebook Page Messenger Bot to Play
  • Create Facebook Page Messenger Bot a Video for Playing in Messages
  • Building Payment method | Trust & Payment Method
  • Setting up Stripe Payment for Chatbot
  • Enabling Buy Button To Checkout on Chatbot Messenger
  • Live Demo Purchasing a Product we Listed on FB messenger
  • Upsell | List another Block in Congratulation Message as up sell
  • Udemy Early Review Problem for Insturctors