• Introduction
  • Design your Android App and Test in 10 minutes
  • Setup MIT App Inventor with Gmail Account
  • Setup and Install MIT App Inventor companion on Mobile/Tab
  • Design your First App
  • Test your First App
  • Download and Upload Source Code to and from MIT App Inventor
  • Deploy and Install your First Android Application
Introduction to MIT App Inventor Design Interface
  • How to use Label to Show Information
  • Create your Label and Modify the properties
  • How to use Text Box for User Input
  • Create your Textbox and modify the properties with hands on Lab
  • How to use Layout to place User Interface objects
  • Create the TicTacToe Game Layout
  • How to use Text to speech
  • How to use Button and understand Click event with Block Code
  • How to Use Image and load image using block code
  • How to Use Checkbox as a quiz program
Complex User Interface components and Block Code Deep Dive
  • How to use Variables
  • How to make decision using IF
  • How to use List Picker and events using Block Code
  • How to use ListView and Webviewer components and passing values among them
  • How to use For Loop
Develop Tic Tac Toe Game
  • Understand the Game functions
  • Understand and design the User Interaction and Game Layout
  • Develop User Interface Layout
  • Create the Variables and Initial code block
  • Develop the reset code to set the startup environment
  • Explain User Click interaction Code
  • Develop User Click interaction Code
  • Explain the winning combination check code
  • Develop the winning combination check code
  • Download the final code