Getting Started With Nearpod
  • Introduction
  • Constructing a Nearpod Presentation
  • Live Lesson or Student Paced
Demonstrating a Live Teacher Led Lesson
  • How a Teacher Led Lesson Appears From the Teacher and Student Sides
  • Guiding Students Through a Teacher Led Lesson
Obtaining User Data & Uploading Existing Slideshows to Use in Nearpod
  • User Data & Uploading Your Existing Slideshows
  • Data & Existing Slideshows
  • Uploading Your Existing Slideshow Presentations
Adding 3D Models, Virtual Field Trips, & Other Resources
  • Adding More Resources to Your Nearpod
  • Other Resources
More Resources and Help With Nearpod
  • Even More Resources, Videos, & Sign Up For Webinars
  • Downloading a Lesson
  • Nearpod in Google Classroom Integration