Course Introduction
  • Introduction
  • Exploring the Example File
Visually Setting Up Your Tab Interaction
  • Starting a New Project
  • Creating Your Tabs
  • Creating Tab States
  • Duplicating Buttons and Creating Button Sets
Tab Layers & Triggers
  • Creating Our First Layer
  • Adding Text Margins
  • Creating the Layers
  • Changing the Character Poses
  • Animating & Triggering Tab Layers
Adjusting the Fader With a Variable
  • Creating the Background Fader
  • Creating the Fade Variable
  • Hiding the Fader and Closing the Layers
Preventing the User From Moving On
  • Creating a Visited State for the Tabs
  • Creating a Hint Layer
  • Preventing User From Advancing
  • Showing a Hint If Not Complete
  • Fixing an Issue
Saving Your Interaction as a Template
  • Saving Your Template in Storyline 360
  • Inserting Team Slides
  • Saving as a Template in Storyline 3 or 2
  • Updating Your Template
  • Keeping Your Original Project Files
  • Wrapping Up