Intro to Digital Independence using STEEM
  • Why you should start to consider moving to decentralized platforms.
  • steemit is not steem, it's just a frontend to something bigger!
  • welcome to the wonderful world of dapps
  • an opportunity to build a business on this blockchain
  • getting a steem account today
  • we have something for everyone
niche decentralized example applications
  • steemmonsters, profitable in six months!
  • earn using steemhunt for hunted tech!
  • run a deal/voucher site?
  • review restaurants with
  • dclick built an advertising system!
  • gameover kickstarter, enter!
  • collection answers to a poll with dpoll!
  • heck, you could build a meme frontend!
media on the steem blockchain
  • store your video on dtube/ipfs!
  • store your audio/podcasts temporary on ipfs/steem
  • move over instagram, we have appics and steepshot
  • live streaming? yep, check out!
steem frontends & management
  • multiple ways to view the steem blockchain
  • desktop application with esteem surfer!
  • managing your steemconnect logins
  • steemnow and power tools
  • the best steem wallet by @roelandp
  • automatically voting you favorite bloggers
  • enhanced steemit using steemplus
  • steemworld your account in detail
  • searching steem with esteem search
  • native mobile app partiko for rapid viewing!
  • find info on 450+ steem dapps
community engagement on the chain!
  • get help from minnowsupport!
  • incentivized with steem for questions and answers!
  • sharing from social media to steem
  • exploring with the steem block explorer
  • 'steem in a box' docker instance from github
steem outside in the real world
  • earn steem for supporting open source
  • reaching out and connecting business with oracle-d
  • wordpress? level up with steempress!
  • smartsteem for investors of steem
  • Point of Sales (POS) Solutions for Steem