• Introduction to Mechanics
Kinematics-Rectilinear Motion
  • UNIT 1-Session 1.2-kinematics Intro
  • UNIT 1-Session 1.3-Rectilinear motion-Position of particles
  • UNIT 1-Session 1.4-Rectilinear motion-Average and instantaneous velocity
  • UNIT 1-Session 1.5-Rectilinear motion-Average and Instantaneous Acceleration
  • UNIT 1-Session 1.6-Rectilinear motion-Determining Motion of Particles
  • UNIT 1-Session 1.7-Rectilinear motion-Uniform Motion
  • UNIT 1-Session 1.8-Rectilinear motion-Relative motion
Kinematics-Curvilinear Motion
  • UNIT 1 - Session 2.1-Curvilinear Motion-Position and displacement vector
  • UNIT 1 - Session 2.2-Curvilinear Motion-Average and Instantaneoous Velocity
  • UNIT 1 - Session 2.3-Curvilinear Motion-Average and Instantaneoous acceleration
  • UNIT 1 - Session 2.4-Curvilinear Motion-Rectangular components of velocity and a
  • UNIT 1 -Session 2.5-Curvilinear Motion-translation
  • UNIT 1 -Session 2.6-Curvilinear Motion-TN Components
  • UNIT 1 -Session 2.7-Curvilinear Motion-RTComponents
Kinetics of Particles -Newtons Second Law
  • UNIT 2-Session 2.1.1-Newtons Second Law
  • UNIT 2-Session 2.1.2-Linear Momentum
  • UNIT 2-Session 2.1.3-Equations of motion
  • UNIT 2-Session 2.2.1-Angular momentum
  • UNIT 2-Session 2.2.2-Angular momentum in a plane
  • UNIT 2-Session 2.2.3-Motion under central force