• Introduction To "Effective Entrepreneurship"
Essential Skills Required To Become An Entrepreneur
  • RISK Management Essential Tools
  • How To Be a Innovative Person
  • Don' Live in Someone else's dream Follow Your Own Passion
  • Case Study Of Apple's Management Techniques
  • Fail Like a Child
  • Quiz-1
Importance of Financial Education
  • Business Plan writing & Method to Find Good Venture Capital
  • Competition Reduction Technique For New Business Owner
  • share holder & Tax management Tips
  • Characteristics of International Business
  • Case Study of
  • Quiz -2
  • How passion really works
Fundamentals l Concepts Of Entrepreneurship
  • Learn Everything About Budgeting
  • Importance Of Communication Skills
  • Managements Principles
  • Basic Accounting Concepts
  • Case Study of Tesla Motors
  • Why Fundamentals are Very Important
Essential Economic Concepts
  • Fundamentals of Micro Economic Theory
  • Managerial Economics
  • Basic Econometrics
  • Industrial Economics
  • importance of Business Forcasting
  • Practical section 2.0
  • Build a life Not a Resume
  • Think Out of The Box
All About Marketing
  • Fundamentals l Concepts Of Marketing
  • Learn Digital Marketing Platform (Social Media)
  • All About Email Marketing
  • Product Management in Marketing Side
  • Case Study of GE
  • Find Your Purpose
General Management Concepts
  • Managerial Ethics
  • Advanced Managerial Decision Making Techniques
  • Management Information System
  • Managerial Communication Concepts
  • Business Research Methods
  • Lead Like a Leader
Organisational Behavior
  • Corporate Governance
  • Operation Management Skills
  • Concepts of E-Business
  • learn To Manage Your Stress
  • Lead your Organization