About this Course
  • Who I am and What I do
  • Why Writing Essays is Worth it
Before You Start Writing
  • Before You Start Writing Watch This
  • The Writing Process: Steps to Success
Creating and Organizing your Writing Ideas
  • Brainstorming: Where Writing Begins
  • Brainstorm Quiz
  • Outlining to Structure the Brainstorm
  • Organization: Structuring the Essay Paragraphs
  • Overall Organization Quiz
Developing and Organizing your Essay
  • The Introduction Paragraph: Starting Strong
  • Developing the Body Paragraphs
  • The Conclusion Paragraph: Making the Essay Memorable
  • Paragraph Content and Essay Organization Quiz
Revising and Editing your Essay
  • Revision: Making the Essay Effective
  • Grammar Foundations
  • Grammar Foundations Quiz
  • Using the Comma: 4 Essential Rules to Success
  • Using Commas Quiz
  • Spelling in the Age of Spell Check
  • The Final Thoughts Before You Write
Bonus Content
  • Downloadables: Academic Writing Activities and Essay Example Guide
  • Bonus Lecture: Discounts on my other Writing Courses