• Why I created this course in the first place?
  • About Me and Why you can trust me
Exercise & Training
  • Why Should I Exercise in the First Place? Is it REALLY Necessary?
  • Different Types Of Training & Their Specific Benefits
  • Fabulous Body Training System [FBX] Intro Part-1
  • Fabulous Body Training System [FBX] Intro Part-2
Section 3: Putting Everything Together-How to Create Your Own Workout Plan in 4
  • Step 1: Deciding your Goals
  • Step 3: Frequency: Number of Workout Session you should do per week
  • Step 4: Time: Number of Hours you should workout per week
Section 4: How to Perform These 8 Exercises Correctly
  • How to do a Perfect Squat
  • How to do a Proper Push-up
  • How to do Mountain Climber
  • How to do Burpees
  • How to do a Proper Lunge
  • How to do a Crunch
  • How to do a Plank
  • How to do Leg Raises
Bonus: Workout Plan: Gym & Non-Gym Workout Plan to Build Muscle/Lose Fat
  • Gym Workout to Lose Fat/Build Muscle
  • No-Gym Workout to Lose Fat
Bonus Section
  • Bonus Lecture