Course Introduction
  • Introduction and Welcome!
  • Hardware, Software and Mindset. What you need and what you don't.
Setting up your Google Account
  • How to create your Gmail/Google account
Getting the most out of your Gmail account
  • A Walk Through The Gmail Interface
  • General Gmail Settings
  • How to customize Your Gmail Interface
  • How To Compose, Send and Receive Emails
  • Understanding Gmail Contacts and Groups
  • How to Set up Gmail Filters
  • How to Export and Import Gmail filters
  • How to Use Gmail Labels
  • How to Use Gmail Tabs
  • What are Gmail Labs?
  • Gmail Analytics and How to Use it
Setting up and Using Google Drive
  • Downloading Google Drive and Backing Up Files
  • A Walk Through the Google Drive Interface
  • How to Locate Google Drive on your Desktop
  • Uploading a File to Google Drive
  • Sharing a File on Google Drive
  • How to Use Google Drive as a Webserver
  • Moving Between Gmail, Google Drive and Google Docs
How to use Google Docs
  • A Quick Walk Through The Google Docs Interface
  • Creating and Editing Google Docs
  • How To Use Google Docs to Open a Word Doc
  • Finding, Opening and Saving Google Sheets
  • How to Edit a pdf in Google Docs
How to use Google Calendar
  • How to Use Google Calendars