Information about Bonus Lectures/Interview Questions
  • Information about Bonus lectures
Git Introduction and Setup
  • Git Introduction and Installation
  • Git architecture, Git INIT and Git CLONE
  • Set up your own practice environment
Working with Staging area and Snapshots
  • Git ADD :: Working directory to Staging
  • Git COMMIT :: Staging to Local Repository
  • Git DIFF, Git RM (--cached) and Git RESET --hard
Branching and Merging
  • Introduction to branching and project setup
  • Git Branch - How to create BRANCHES
  • Switching between branches
  • Merging of branches
Sync with Remote - fetch pull and push
  • Git fetch, git pull and git push
Temporary commit/Stash
  • Git Stash, stash pop, stash list, stash show, stash clear
  • Assignment 2
  • Assignment 3
  • From things we haven't covered..