Introduction to Google Trends
  • An Overview of Google Trends
  • Applications of Google Trends
Learn Google Trends with Real Business & Marketing Examples
  • Our Private Course FB Group
  • SaaS Startup
  • Physical Restaurant Business
  • Travel Blogger
  • Research Student
  • B2C Business
Hacks & Tips for Using Google Trends
  • Google Trends Hacks & Tips
  • Go Specific while picking search terms and topics
  • Use Related Topics for Comparisons
  • Focus on your target audience using geo filters
  • Find new products to sell to your current audience
  • Find keywords for SEO and content
  • Create a Short-term and Long-term Keyword Strategy
  • Find where your target audience lives
  • Use the search trends data to plan campaigns in different stages of the funnel
  • Pick the right keywords for your content
  • Find Interests to Create Targeted Audience for Ad Campaigns