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Networking for complete beginners
  • Why do we need a computer network?
  • A Quick Announcement
  • What is a router and a firewall?
  • Commands you need: ipconfig, ping and traceroute
  • Welcome to the world of Cisco!
  • Welcome to the world of Cisco - part 2
  • What is an IP address?
  • Introduction to subnetting
  • More about subnetting
  • How to start your career in IT
  • How to learn troubleshooting
  • Fix a home network - the Internet is down?
  • Identify wireless networks around you
  • Let's Block a Web Browser
  • Let's summarize the series
  • IP Camera
  • Overview of network devices
  • Bonus Lecture: Your next step!
  • Quiz
Extra videos
  • Installing a NAS device - Synology NAS in action
  • Motion tracking IP Camera - a puppy having fun!
  • NEW! Cheat Sheets
  • What is a Virtual Private Network?
  • QUIZ - What do you know about the new IT technologies?