• Introduction
  • What is Xamarin?
  • Install Xamarin
Create a new project
  • Describe Xamarin.Android
  • Create a Xamarin.Android project
Decompose an app into Activities
  • Decompose an app into Activities
  • Flash Quiz
Build a UI
  • Build an Activity's UI
  • Add views to a layout
  • Write an Activity's behavior
  • Implement behavior
Update your Android SDK
  • The Xamarin.Android tools
  • Xamarin.Android and the Android SDK
  • Update Tools and SDK Platform
  • Explore the completed exercise
  • Flash Quiz
Start an Activity in your .apk
  • Understanding activities and context
  • Flash Quiz
  • Create an explicit intent
  • Start an Activity in your .apk
Navigate between screens
  • Navigation and the back button
  • Back stack and finishing an Activity
  • Programmatically end an Activity
Pass arguments to an Activity
  • Activities, Arguments, and Processes
  • Loading and Retrieving Arguments
  • Flash Quiz
  • Pass arguments to an Activity
Retrieve results from an Activity
  • Passing Data between Activities
  • Request codes and result data
  • Get Activity results
  • Flash Quiz
Use implicit intents
  • External collaboration and implicit Intents
  • Intent Action and Intent Data
  • Implicit Intent examples
  • Flash Quiz
  • Launch a system Activity
  • Summary