Introduction to Client and Server Architecture
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  • Overview of Client and Server Architecture
  • JSP and Servlet in Client-Server Architecture
  • Setting up the Development Environment and Creating Web Application
Introduction to Servlets
  • All about HTTP Protocol, GET and POST
  • Creating Servlet, doGet() and doPost()
  • Default HTTP method, Calling doPost() inside doGet() and Logical mapping
  • Printing a message in the browser using PrintWriter()
  • Redirecting the response using sendRedirect()
  • Dispatch the request to another component using getRequestDispatcher()
Introduction to JSP
  • Passing an Object from Servlet to JSP
  • Writing Java code using JSP Expression and JSP Scriplets
  • Quick update - Finding the Server option inside the Eclipse
  • Writing Java method using JSP Declaration
Dive Deeper into Servlets World
  • High Level Overview of Servlet Life Cycle
  • More About Servlet Life Cycle Methods
  • Know About Handling the Multiple Requests
Introduction EL Expression and JSTL Tag Library
  • Section Introduction
  • Introduction to EL Expression
  • Dive deeper into EL Expression
  • Introduction to JSTL Tag Library
  • Installing JSTL Tag Library
  • JSTL Tags - set, remove and url
  • JSTL Tag - forEach
  • JSTL forEach Tag - Writing some code
  • JSTL Challenge Video
  • JSTL if, choose, when and otherwise
  • JSTL if, choose, when and otherwise - Writing some code
  • JSTL functions - toUpperCase, toLowerCase, contains and indexOf
Introduction to MVC Architecture
  • High level overview of MVC architecture
  • Creating a Controller and View component
  • Creating a Model class
Build a Complete Database Web App [MVC] - JSP and Servlets Part 1
  • Overview of the Database Application
  • Download the source code of the Database Application
  • Setup a Database Dev Environment
  • Test Database Connection - Setup a Project
  • Test Database Connection - JDBC Connection Code
  • Database Application Architecture - Employee Directory
  • Test Basic MVC Controller
Build a Complete Database Web App [MVC] - JSP and Servlets Part 2
  • Overview of the List Employees
  • Development Process of List Employees
  • Create a Employee Entity class
  • Overview of the Employee DAO
  • Writing JDBC Code to Get the Database Connection
  • Development Process of Employee DAO
  • Creating Interface and Implementation class for Employee DAO
  • Overview of Employee Controller
  • Updating the Employee Controller
  • Development Process of Developing JSP
  • Updating JSP to Display the Employee List
Build a Complete Database Web App [MVC] - JSP and Servlets Part 3
  • Adding Bootstrap to Application
  • Creating Add Employee Button in JSP
  • Retrieve/Get the form data
  • Writing code for save/add operation in DAO layer
  • Call DAO method in Controller
  • Refresh the html table after saving the data
Build a Complete Database Web App [MVC] - JSP and Servlets Part 4
  • Add Edit Link in JSP
  • Print Employee ID in the Controller
  • Write DAO method to Read Single Employee Record
  • Display the Employee Record in Form
  • Print the Updated Values in Controller
  • Write DAO Method to Update Employee Record
  • Complete the Update Operation
Build a Complete Database Web App [MVC] - JSP and Servlets Part 5
  • Add Delete Link to JSP
  • Write DAO method to Delete Employee Record
Login and Logout functionality
  • Create Login Form
  • Create database table and Model class
  • Create Login Servlet
  • Create DAO method to Authenticate User
  • Call DAO method and Test application
  • Store email address in Session
  • Complete the Logout functionality
Bonus Videos
  • Add Bootstrap Styling to Employee Form
  • Add jQuery datatable (Gridview)