Introduction - What is Katalon Studio
  • What is Katalon Studio
Download, Install and Get Started
  • How to install Katalon Studio
  • Start and Explore GUI of Katalon Studio
Create your First Test
  • How to create First Automation Test
  • How to Record and Replay
  • How to create test in Manual Mode
  • How to create test in Script Mode
Create and Run Test Suite
  • How to create and run Test Suite
  • Test Suite Collection - How to run Test Suites in Parallel
Excel | CSV | Files
  • How to get data from Excel
Results and Reporting
  • Test Execution Reports
  • Basic Reports plugin
  • How to Email Results
  • How to use Katalon Analytics Step-by-Step
JENKINS and CommandLine execution
  • How to run from Command Line (Console)
  • Integration with JENKINS - CI
  • Katalon Jenkins Plugin
Integration with GIT
  • Integration with GIT
  • JENKINS and GIT integration
  • How to run Katalon Studio tests on Linux using Git & Jenkins
API Testing
  • How to do API testing with Katalon
  • API Chaining | SOAP - XML | How to send value from one API to other
  • API Chaining | REST - JSON | How to send value from one API to other
Mobile Testing
  • How to do Mobile (android) Testing on Windows with Katalon Studio | 8 STEPS
  • How to do Mobile (android) Testing on Mac OS | 7 STEPS
  • How to do iOS Testing on Mac OS | 10 Steps
ENVIRONMENTS | Execution Profiles
  • How to create ENVIRONMENTS | Execution Profiles
  • How to create Custom Keywords
  • How to create BDD Cucumber tests in Katalon Studio
  • How to create Cucumber Runner
  • How to use Smart XPath plugin
  • How to use Applitools plgugin for Visual Validation
New Versions | Features
  • Katalon Studio 5.5 | What's New
Windows Desktop Application Testing
  • How to test windows desktop application using Katalon Studio
  • How to use Variables
  • How to create CHECKPOINTS
  • How to work with Web Object Locators
  • How to refer and reuse Test Case
  • How to simulate keyboard key press | Send Keys
  • How to do Video Recording of Test Execution
  • How to record on existing active Browser
  • Some Important Settings | Preferences
  • How to handle alerts & popups
  • How to handle Frames & iFrames
  • How to add Chrome Extensions (plugins) at runtime
  • How to test on Custom Browser with Extensions loaded