What is Law of Attraction?
  • Introduction
Day 1: Understanding the Law of Attraction
  • 1st Law of Attraction - Thoughts Become Things
  • 2nd Law of Attraction - What you put your attention on grows stronger in life
  • 3rd Law of Attraction - Like Attracts Like
Day 2: The Manifestation Process
  • How to Manifest What you Want
  • The Manifestation Process - Ask and Believe
  • The Manifestation Process - Be Grateful and Receive
  • Manifestation Process - Summary
Day 3: The Law of attraction is always in action
  • How to Get Clarity of thoughts
  • How to change Negative Thought convictions to Manifest your Dreams
Day 4: Physical and Mental Clearing
  • Mental Clearing for Law of Attraction
  • Physical Clearing - How and why to de-clutter your Physical Space
Day 5: Emotional Guidance System
  • How to Leverage our Emotional Guidance System for Manifesting our Dreams
  • Body Chakras and 68 Seconds of Pure thought
Day 6: Brain Waves, Thought Process & Thought Energy
  • Different types of Brain Waves
  • Thought Process and Thought Energy
Day 7: Healing Self and Others
  • Ho’oponopono Method and The Art of Forgiving
Day 8: Attracting the Perfect Relationships - Spouse, Friends, Colleagues etc.
  • How to attract Perfect Spouse, Boss, Friends and Colleagues
Day 9: Attracting your dreams, desires, passions and goals
  • How to Manifest your Goals, Creating Passion Cards and Vision Boards
Day 10: Money and the Law of Attraction
  • Changing your Money Equations and Writing Abundance Cheques
  • Happy Manifesting