Getting Started
  • Introduction
  • Understanding basic web site architecture
  • Getting a domain name - Part I
  • Getting a domain name - Part II
  • Finding a host
  • Connecting your domain name to your hosting account
  • Installing Wordpress
  • Using instead of self-hosting
Building your first site!
  • Exploring the sample site
  • What's the difference between Posts and Pages?
  • Creating a new page
  • Advanced Page Editing
  • Understanding Themes and how to change your site look
Let's make this a real website
  • Understanding Parent/Child relationships
  • Working with Media
  • Learn about menus and linking in pages
Adding functionality to your site
  • Introduction to Plugins
  • Adding a Contact Us page
  • Adding a blog to your website
  • Widgets
  • Advanced Themes - Part I
  • Advanced Themes - Part II
  • Advanced Themes - Part III
The Finishing Touches
  • Search Engine Optimization basics
  • Search Engine Optimization - Part II
  • Watching out for Hacks and keeping updated
  • Turning this into a for-profit business
  • Concluding