• Introduction
Setting up the Document
  • Setting up the Document
  • Information for the Letterhead
The Logo
  • Logo Format Requirements
  • Placing the Logo
Test your Knowledge!
  • Test your Knowledge!
Adding Elements
  • Extracting Logo Elements
  • Adding Accessory Elements
A Quick Interjection!
  • A Quick Interjection!
Adding Text
  • Editing & Colouring Text
  • Adding Text to the Letterhead
Preparing & Exporting for Saving Print
  • Naming Elements
  • Masking to Cleanup
  • Bleeding Bleed!
  • Saving for Print
Test your Knowledge!
  • Test your Knowledge!
Alternative Design
  • Alternative Layout 1
  • Alternative Layout 2
Take the Letterhead Challenge!
  • One Project at a Time
  • Take the Challenge!
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What should I do if the client or prospect provides a poor logo?
Final Word
  • Final Word
  • Bonus! - Supercharge your Skill!