• Introduction
  • The PEG Saving and Spending System Explained
  • Quick Win Activity: The Top 10 Reasons People Save Money
  • PEG Saving and Spending Worksheet Review
  • Money Wisdom
  • Activity Tools Needed for Course
  • Conclusion Key Take-Aways
2. Setting up Your Savings Foundation, The Champions Plan
  • Setting Your Savings and Financial Foundation
  • The Champions Plan Worksheet Explained
  • The Champions Plan Worksheet
  • The Champions Plan Conclusion Key Take-Aways
How Much Money Do You Really Make?
  • Introduction to Income
  • Forms of Income and Pay Cycle
  • Activity Download Most Recent Full Months Bank Statement
  • Pick Your Pay Cycle
  • Income Worksheet (Top Half)
  • PEG Saving and Spending Worksheet
  • PEG Saving and Spending Worksheet
  • Conclusion Key Take-Aways
Introduction to Priority Bills
  • Introduction to Priority Bills
  • Activity Characteristics of Priority Bills
  • How To Identify Your Priority Bills
  • Activity Download Most Recent Full Months Bank Statement
  • Weekly Priority Bills
  • Activity List Your Priority Bills on the Spreadsheet
  • Q and A Priority Bills Track and Trend
  • Activity Goal Amount Worksheet
  • Conclusion Key Take-Aways Priority Bills and Goals
Introduction to Spending
  • Introduction to Spending
  • Identify Your Current Spending Habits
  • Complete the Spending Portion of PEG Worksheet
  • Conclusion Key Take-Aways Spending
Introduction Bank Setup
  • Introduction to Bank Setup
  • Bank Account Setup
  • Why This Bank Setup Works
  • Conclusion Key Take-Aways Bank Setup
Introduction Action Plan
  • Introduction Action Plan
  • Activity Monthly To Do and Checklist
  • Conclusion Key Take-Aways Action Plan