• Welcome
  • Getting Started
Taking Photos
  • Photo Shooting Best Practise
Photos to Point Cloud with Regard3D
  • Introduction to Regard3D
  • Importing Photos
  • Photo Matching
  • Triangulation
  • Dense Point Cloud and Export
Point Cloud to 3D Mesh with MeshLab
  • MeshLab and Importing Point Cloud
  • Surface Generation, Edit and Export
Visualise and share 3D model with Sketchfab
  • Introduction to Sketchfab
  • Share and Visualise 3D in AR/VR
Closing Section
  • Recap and Thank You
Bonus: Mesh optimisation, Texture development and export in Unity3D
  • Overview of the Bonus Tutorial
  • Mesh Optimisation
  • Texture in MeshLab
  • Import 3D to Unity3D
Section 8: Bonus: Phone Apps for Photogrammetry
  • Making 3D with mobile phone
  • Using Qlone for 3D model
3D with Structure Sensor
  • Structure Sensor for scanning objects