• Introduction to the Portrait Course
  • Sample Workbook (LO RES) for this Portrait Course
  • An Introduction to Simple Tools for Portrait Lighting
  • Using the Flash (Speedlight)
  • Building The Rope Meter
  • String Meter Information Doc
  • How I Use My "Standbagger"
  • Angle Of Incidence Document
  • Heart Of Portraiture by Don Giannatti
  • Workbook for Portrait Course (Revised 12/27/12)
Free Lightroom / Photoshop Tutorials
  • Working in Lightroom
  • Working in Photoshop
Ivy Natural Light Headshot
  • Natural Light Intro
  • Ivy Natural Light Introduction
  • Assignment: IVY Outside
  • Ivy Outside Headshot: The Photoshop
  • Ivy Outside Headshot Photoshop File
One Light with Reflector Fill Card
  • One Light Reflector Overview of the Style
  • One Light Reflector Intro
  • Briana One Light W Reflectors
  • One Light Reflector - Bri - Photoshop
  • Bri Sunshot Photoshop File for working with the Previous Lecture
Traditional Beauty Portrait with One Light
  • A Traditional Beauty Image with Ivy- Lecture One
  • Beauty Lighting Overview
  • Traditional Beauty Portrait One Light - Example One
  • Example of the Fill Cards (With / Without)
  • Adding Fill Cards to the Single Light Traditional Beauty Shot
  • Photoshop of Ivy Traditional Beauty Headshot
  • Photoshop File for Ivy Traditional Headshot
  • Using a Small Softbox for a Traditional Beauty Headshot
  • Photoshop of Ivy with Traditional Beauty Softbox
Mixing Strobe with Natural Light for a Subtle "Sunny" Look
  • Natural Light And Strobe: an introduction to the process
  • Speedlight for Sun Introduction
  • Adding the Speedlight to a Natural Light Shot
  • Briana with Speedlight Sun Photoshop Post Processing
Blending Ambient with Strobe in an Interior/Exterior Setting
  • Blending Ambient with Strobe in an Interior/Exterior Setting
  • Blending Ambient Light Interior/Exterior Shot - Photoshop
  • Briana Photoshop PSD File
Three Point Portrait Lighting
  • Amanda and Three Point Lighting
  • Amanda Gray Background Photoshop
  • Amanda PSD
  • Amanda White Background Photoshop
Shooting in High and Low Contrast Scenes
  • Adding Light to a Scene with a Lot of Contrast
  • Photoshopping the Image of Briana in the Forest
  • Briana PSD File for Photoshop Demo Above
  • Iveena In Forest: adding contrast to a flat light scene
  • Photoshop of Iveena in the Forest
  • Iveena PSD File for Photoshop Demonstration
Natural Light Beauty: Five Examples
  • Natural Light Extravaganza - 5 Portraits in Natural Light
  • Jasmine Photoshopped
  • Jasmine Photoshop File
  • Iveena Photoshopped
  • Iveena PSD File for Photoshop Demonstration
  • Miranda Photoshopped
  • Miranda in Layered Photoshop File
  • Aliza Photoshopped
  • Aliza PSD in Layers
  • Briana Photoshopped
  • Briana PSD File for Photoshop Demo Above
Miranda at the Lighthouse: Creating a New Reality
  • Miranda at the Lighthouse: Creating a New Reality
  • Photoshop Processing on One Strobe Image
  • Photoshop on Image with Two Strobes
  • PSD file for Photoshop Lecture Above
September Bonus Class
  • Abby In Corn
  • Abby in the Corn (WMV)
  • Abby And Fence
  • Abby and Fence (WMV)
  • Abby Fence Photoshop
  • Abby And Fence Photoshop
Using Lightroom / Camera Raw for Post Processing
  • Camera Raw Basics
  • Lightroom Basics
  • Using "Smart Objects" to get a more "Grungy" look
Extras and Bonus Materials
  • Abby: The Book
  • Paige: Environmental Headshot
  • Paige: Photoshop of Headshot in Red Jacket
  • Photoshop of Paige in Blue Dress (Extra - See Workbook for Image)
  • Photoshop Extra: Grab Shot made Good.
  • Morning Webinar: January 12, 2013
  • Afternoon Webinar: January 12, 2013
  • Webinar, March 9
  • Large, Soft Sources with Small Lights
  • Brittany and the Hose
  • Brittany and the Hose Supplemental Shots of Setup
  • Bonus: Webinar, May 25, 2013 - Discussion on Lighting and being "Deliberate"
Location Portrait Shoot
  • Location Portraiture - A Study