Introduction of the Course
  • What Is productive ninja Course All about
  • Welcoming ninjas
  • Best time to drink water for miracle results
  • Fasted Fat Burning Routine Aka. remember your dream
  • Deliberate Gratitude Journaling
Best yoga routine on planet to save your day
  • introduction and what to expect
  • Sukshma Vyayama for starting your body
  • Sun Salutation for healthy body
  • Best Breathing exercises to boost focus and calm your mind
How to implement all as a whole in your daily life
  • How to implement all as a whole in your daily life
  • Implementation Time!
Productivity Habits of mega titans
  • How to save your day by understanding Parkinson's law
  • The 90-90-1 Rule,which can change How you work
  • Time Boxing and Intentional visualization to tick mark your to do
Energy Habits of Ninjas to kick on Fatigue and Stress
  • The Wayne Cook Posture to fight stress
  • 2 WW to get your work done effortlessly till night
  • The ChilBil concepts of breaks for increased motivation&energy
Implementation Techniques to apply in daily life
  • The Path Forward
  • It's Feedback time!