Serverless Architecture
  • What is serverless
  • Features of serverless
  • Drawbacks of Using Serverless Architecture
Serverless Framework
  • What you will learn in this section
  • What is serverless framework
  • An Example Serverless Application
  • Why NOT to use serverless
Azure Function App
  • Azure Function : A Brief Introduction
Azure + serverless
  • What will be covered in this section
  • Tools Needed and Connect to serverless
  • Create our first http app in Serverless
Anatomy of the Serverless File
  • Anatomy of the Serverless File
Under the hood
  • What happens when we do a serverless deploy
Micro Service Based Application
  • Micro Service Based Application
Simple Events (HTTP and Blob Storage Event)
  • Introduction
  • Events
  • Update Host Settings
  • Blob Strorage
  • Copy file using blob storage
Queue Event
  • Storage Queue
  • Trigger Queue using http request
Table Storage
  • Get User info using Table Storage input and Http trigger
Timer Event
  • Timer to call Email