• My Kickstarter campaign
  • Why did you enroll?
Alibaba vs. Aliexpress
  • What is the difference?
  • Quiz for the section - Main difference
  • What is dropshipping and why is it good
  • Quiz for the section - Dropshipping
Shipping - which courier company to use?
  • Shipping options - Which courier to use and why?
  • Quiz for the section - Couriers
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How to search for suppliers - DEMO
  • How to start the search
  • How to build your supplier e-mail list
  • Why email instead of Alibaba's built-in messaging?
  • Product research examples: Running Shoe | Water Bottle | Backpack
How to start the conversation
  • What to include in the first e-mail
  • Customer service story
Financial Security
  • How to securely pay for your samples / orders
  • Topics to be included / discussed in more length?
  • What have we learned?