• Introduction
  • Spring Boot Overview
  • Development Setup and Spring boot Initializer
  • Demo application overview for this course
Spring Boot - REST API
  • Adding REST GET Controller
  • Adding REST POST Controller
Spring Boot - Properties
  • Default Property File - ""
  • Profile-specific and Hierarchical Properties
  • Using YAML Instead of Properties
Spring Boot - Embedded server tomcat and Properties configuration
  • Understand the embedded Tomcat server
  • Run spring boot application as war in external tomcat container
Spring Boot - Logging
  • Configure Logback for Logging
  • Configure Log4j for Logging
Spring Boot - Spring Data JPA
  • What is JPA and Spring Data JPA?
  • Build Entity Objects for Demo Application
  • Making CRUD operations with repository and mapped to service
  • Create restEndpoint for CRUD service to test
Spring Boot - View
  • Setup web application using Thymeleaf
  • Configure Bootstrap 4 and create static pages for demo application
  • Mapped the service to Controller for data passage to View.
  • Change the static reference of Dashboard Page
  • Online Spring Boot Test
Spring Boot - Security
  • Implement Spring security
Spring Boot - Actuator
  • Implement actuator for monitoring
Spring Boot - Deployement
  • Deploy as jar on Unix platform as service