Introduction to the Spring Framework
  • Instructor Introduction
  • Spring Core Course Introduction
  • History of EJB and the Birth of the Spring Framework
  • Spring Framework Projects
  • Is Your IDE Free Like a Puppy?
  • Free 120 Day IntelliJ Trial!
Getting Started with Spring
  • Section Overview
  • Setting up your Development Environment
  • Checking out from GitHub
  • Hello World Using Spring 4 and Spring Boot
Dependency Injection Using Spring
  • Section Overview
  • Basics Dependency Injection in Spring
  • Examples of Using Dependency Injection in Spring
  • Creating a Spring Boot Project Using Spring Initializr via IntelliJ
  • Using Spring Profiles With Dependency Injection
  • Using Default Profiles
Spring Java Configuration
  • Section Overview
  • Component Scan
  • Spring Java Configuration Classes
  • Using Factory Beans
  • Advanced Autowire Options in Spring
Spring XML Configuration
  • Section Overview
  • Spring XML Configuration With Spring Boot
  • Creating Spring Beans in XML
  • Importing XML Configuration Files
Introducing Spring MVC
  • Section Overview
  • Overview of Spring MVC
  • Creating a Spring MVC Project
  • Creating an Index Page and Running via Sping Boot
  • Using Web Jars
  • Listing Products
  • Display a Product
  • Creating a New Product
  • Updating a Product
  • Deleting a Product
  • Coding Assignment - add a Customer Object
  • Assignment Code Review
Spring MVC Test and Mockito
  • Introduction to Spring MVC Test
  • Using Spring MVC for Testing the Index Page
  • Using Spring MVC Test and Mockito for a CRUD Controller
  • Coding Assignment - Write Spring MVC Tests for Customer Controller
  • Coding Assignment Review
  • Section Overview
  • Introduction to JPA
  • Maven Dependencies
  • JPA Entities
  • JPA Optimistic Locking
  • JPA Entity Code Assignment
  • JPA Entity Code Assignment Review
  • JPA DAO Service
  • Bootstrap Data
  • JPA Integration Testing
  • JPA DAO Code Assignment
  • JPA DAO Code Assignment Review
  • Bonus: Debugging Spring Boot Auto Config
JPA Entity Relationships
  • Introduction to JPA Entities
  • One to One Entity Relationships - Unidirectional
  • One to One Entity Relationships - Bidirectional
  • JPA Many to One Relationships
  • JPA Embedded Entities
  • JPA Entity Code Assignment
  • JPA Entity Assignment Code Review
  • JPA Many to Many Relationships
  • Discounts on other Spring Framework Guru Courses