Course Introduction
  • Course Introduction Video
Introduction to Cybersecurity
  • Introduction to Cybersecurity Video
  • Activity 1: Investigating Data Breaches with "Have I Been Pwned"
  • Resource Guide: Security Websites
  • Spam Calls
Protecting Your Personal Information
  • Protecting Your Personal Information Video
  • Activity 2: Password Strength
  • Resource Guide: Cyber Schemes
Staying Safe on Social Media
  • Staying Safe on Social Media Video
  • Activity: Staying Safe on Social Media I
  • Staying Safe On Social Media II
  • Staying Safe While Shopping Online
  • Resource Guide: Social Media Privacy Settings
Protecting Your Financial Information
  • Protecting Your Financial Information Video
  • Staying Safe Online Course Quiz
  • Resource Guide: Hacked
  • Review Video
  • Resource Guide: Cybersecurity Associations, Centers & Organizations
  • Resource Guide: News, Blogs, and Podcasts
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