StudiGuide 19: How To Pass This Written Examination
  • StudiGuide Introduction
  • Test Taking Tips
  • Discussion Post
What will be covered and how it will be covered
  • OVERVIEW of Vehicle Operations in Law Enforcement
StudiGuide 19: Defensive Driving
  • Safe Following Distance
  • Peripheral Vision and Speed
  • Perception and Reaction Time / Stopping Distance
  • Preventing Intersection Collisiions
  • Freeway Driving
  • Operating a Vehicle in Reverse
  • Use of Safety Belts
  • Physiological and Psychological Factors Affecting Driving Conditions
  • Road Condition Hazards
  • Vehicle Inspection Components
  • Distractions while Operating a Law Enforcement Vehicle
  • Defensive Driving Review Questions
StudiGuide 19: Emergency Driving
  • Emergency Response Driving
  • Statutes Governing Operation of Law Enforcement Vehicles
  • Agency Specific Policies and Guideines
  • Statutory Responsibilities of Non-Law Enforcement Drivers
  • Emergency Warning Devices
  • Limits of Emergency Warning Devices
  • Communication Equipment
  • Siren Syndrome
  • Guidelines under Emergency Response Conditions / Entering Intersections
  • Emergency Driving Review Questions
StudiGuide 19: Vehicle Pursuits
  • Penal Code 13519.8
  • Risk versus Need to Apprehend
  • Common Offensive Intervention Techniques
  • Terminate Vehicle Pursuit Decisions
  • Vehicle Pursuit Review Questions
StudiGuide 19: Vehicle Dynamics
  • Longitudinal and Lateral Weight Transfer
  • Spring Loading
  • Two-Handed Shuffle Steering
  • Throttle Control
  • Roadway Position
  • Effects of Speed in a Turning Maneuver
  • Braking Methods
  • Vehicle Skids
  • Vehicle Hydroplaning Effects
  • Vehicle Dynamics Review Questions
Update to StudiGuide 19
  • Update to StudiGuide 19
Final Review Questions for Vehicle Operations for Law Enforcement
  • Final Review Questions: Vehicle Operations for Law Enforcement