• Welcome to the Ultimate GIT 5-day challenge
Day 1: Introduction to GIT
  • Day 1: Overview
  • Setup an account at GitHub [Choose either GitHub or BitBucket, or both!]
  • Create a new repository at GitHub [must have an account at GitHub]
  • Setup an Account at BitBucket [optional]
  • Create a new Repository at BitBucket [requires a BitBucket account]
  • Reflection on Day 1
Day 2: Get Setup Locally with GIT
  • Day 2 Overview
  • [Windows] Getting Setup with GIT
  • [UBUNTU LINUX] Getting setup with GIT
  • [MAC] Getting setup with GIT
  • Create our first LOCAL repository
  • Reflection on Day 2
Day 3: "Clone" your REMOTE repository to make a LOCAL copy
  • Day 3: Overview
  • Clone a public repository from GitHub
  • Clone a private repository from BitBucket
  • Reflection on Day 3
Day 4: Add and commit changes, then push your changes from LOCAL to REMOTE
  • Day 4: Overview
  • Add and commit the files to your local repository, then push to your remote repo
  • Reflection on Day 4
Day 5: Pull changes from the REMOTE to your LOCAL repository
  • Day 5: Overview
  • Pull changes from the repository at GitHub
  • Reflection on Day 5
Closing Thoughts
  • What we learned and what we didn't learn
  • Bonus Lecture: Next Steps and Conclusion