Welcome to the Travel Profit Hacks Course: Save, Earn, and Have Fun
  • Introduction-Our Mission
  • Are You In The Right Place?
  • What We'll Cover Todoay
  • Reality Check
Game Changer
  • Shhhh! The Fun & Sexiest Industry to Get Involved in
  • Company Background
  • Why Us?
Our 3 Products & Four Ways to Travel
  • Travel Agent Program (1st Way)
  • Vortex Plus (2nd Way)
  • Vortex Platinum (3rd Way) & Retail Traveler (4th Way)
  • Sneak Peak of Back Office Goodies
  • Take Four Trips for less than $599
  • How Do You Want to Travel & What's Best for You?
Yummy Compensation Plan
  • How We Make Money
Tools & Resources to Succeed In the Traveling Business
  • Essential Tools You Need to Run Your Travel Business
  • Five Must Have Criteria for Any Home-Based Business
Think on These Things
  • Why I Love My Membership
  • Four Things You Must Do
  • Recap of the Four Ways to Travel
  • Hard Truth
  • Lecture 20: Bonus Lecture, Getting Started