Welcome to the course
  • Course overview
  • Editing techniques anyone can learn
  • Editing Techniques
Taking your course from good to great
  • Activity: Help make Phil's video great
  • Recommended editing software
Simple editing techniques
  • Remove mistakes and filler words
  • Including transitions and b-roll
  • Adding annotations and images
Editing examples from real courses
  • Learn from other Udemy instructors
  • Editing example #1
  • Editing example #2
  • Editing Example #3
  • Editing example #4
Apply your skills
  • Activity: Edit Julie's baking video
  • Solution for activity: Edit Julie's baking video
  • Activity: Edit your video
Exporting your videos
  • How to export your videos
  • You're finished!
  • Bonus lecture: Teaser - Watch our course on "Video Quality on Udemy"