Start Here
  • Introduction to the SEO Training Course
What is SEO and why is it important?
  • The Definition of SEO & Looking at Google's Search Results
  • What is SEO and why is it important?
How do search engines work?
  • The 5 Key Areas of How Search Engines Work
  • The Search Engine Web Crawler: How Google Discovers your Site
  • Google Cached Pages - How Google Stores Your Web Pages
  • How a Search Engine works - Retrieval of a Search Query
  • Search Engine Ranking & What is Google PageRank?
  • What are SERPs – The Google Search Engine Results Page
  • SEO Training Course - Video 9: A summary of what we looked at in this module
  • How do search engines work?
A Brief History of SEO
  • A Brief History of SEO - Introduction
  • About the Altavista search engine & Google in 1998
  • Overcoming Black Hat SEO Techniques
  • What is Link Building in SEO and does it still work?
  • Google Algorithm updates over the years
  • The Impact of Google Penalties plus Panda and Penguin Search Updates
  • A Brief History of SEO - Conclusion
  • How has SEO changed over the years?
On site SEO, on page SEO & off page SEO
  • The differences between On site SEO, on page SEO & off page SEO
  • On site SEO - Website Speed
  • On site SEO - How mobile friendly is your website?
  • The 8 Key Elements of On Page SEO
  • Keyword Research [On-Page SEO Key Element #1]
  • Page Title [On-Page SEO Key Element #2]
  • Meta Description [On-Page SEO Key Element #3]
  • Heading Tags [On-Page SEO Key Element #4]
  • Content Writing [On-Page SEO Key Element #5]
  • Alt Tags & Images [On-Page SEO Key Element #6]
  • HTML Microdata [On-Page SEO Key Element #7]
  • Internal Linking [On-Page SEO Key Element #8]
  • Off page SEO: How to encourage natural brand discussion and link building
  • SEO tactics
How to measure SEO
  • Intro & How to measure click-through rates
  • How to campaign manage your SEO - SEO campaign management
  • How can you measure the effectiveness of SEO?
Summary & closing thoughts
  • Summary of what we covered in the course
  • Closing thoughts & thanks