DIY Video Setup
  • DIY Office Video Studio
  • Using Your iPhone For Awesome Video
  • Where To Put your Mic
  • The Makeshift Teleprompter
Pro Lighting on a Budget
  • Down and Dirty Lighting Kit
  • Using a Ring Light
  • Lighting for a Webcam
Pre-Production Tips
  • Scripting Tips
  • Video Length Matters
  • Make 5 Videos Not One
  • Fundamentals of Concepting
Secrets of Recording Success
  • GET SERIOUS!!!! (Not seriously)
  • Gotta Get Loose!
  • Shooting for the Edit
  • Start with Low Risk Videos
  • Importance of Music
  • Learning from Wistia's Mistakes
  • Winning, One Week at a Time
  • Recording Mobile Screens
  • What To Wear On Camera
  • Get Started with Video Hosting!