Introduction to Angular
  • Angular for Beginners - Helicopter View
  • Recommended Software Versions
  • Course Kickoff - Development Environment Setup
  • The Typescript Jumpstart Ebook
  • Introduction To Angular - Custom HTML Elements, Model vs View
  • Why Angular? Learn the Key Features of Angular Core
Angular Components
  • New Section - Angular Components and Core Directives
  • Building our First Angular Component
  • Component Inputs and the @Input Decorator
  • Angular Component @Output - Custom Events and Event Emitters
  • The Angular ngFor Core Directive
  • Angular ngIf Directive and the Elvis Operator
  • Angular ngClass Core Directive - Learn All Features
  • Angular ngStyle Core Directive - When to use it and Why
  • Angular ngSwitch Core Directive In Detail
  • 15 Angular Built-In Pipes - Complete Catalog
Angular Service Layer
  • Angular Injectable Services - New Section Introduction
Conclusion & Bonus
  • Other Courses
  • Bonus Lecture